Come! Try Our New Service for Eyelash Extentions

Eyelash extensions service at Nice Nails and Spa will provide a fuller, longer, and darker lash line than you could ever achieve with the best mascara on the market. Your new lashes will turn back the clock and enhance your eyes so much that you will quickly become addicted! Best of all, your new lashes will create a low-maintenance lifestyle for any busy woman who wants to wake up already looking gorgeous and ready for the day.

Eyelash Extensions are suitable for swimming, traveling and weddings, and can safety be worn for years.

We suggest every Bride-to be to come for the trial set first at least 1 month before the wedding, that way we can be sure that the design and length is the best for you and your lifestyle, and that you have the perfect length for your wedding. The reason for the trial set is, you should take this as an allergy test, because, even with the safest, high quality brand in the industry, you should not try any new products right before your special day.

Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent and a single extension is attached to each single natural eyelash. A Full Set may take about 2 hours. Fills take up to 1.5hrs.



Fullset:.... $100.00






Eyelash Extentions - Special Service






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