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What customers said about us!

Britany Brown - Seattle - WA

"Fabulous experience. Nice Nail and Spa technicians so experienced, friendly, yet professional and knowledgable about all aspects of skin and nails care . Highly recommend this nail store."

Dianna Hardin - Seattle, WA

"The store is beautiful. Technician are very knowledgeable and passionate about nails care.  I felt very comfortable with the serviced and will go back again, Thanks you for the wonderful serviced."

Alicia c. - Seattle, WA

"This nail salon is wonderful.  I am ecstatic that it opened up in my neighborhood.

First, everything is very clean.  The pedicure tools are all one-use-only, and the tubs are kept sanitary with plastic bags.  And the whole place itself is nice and tidy.

Second, it's a family run business, and they really care about what they do.  Kim was my manicurist; she did a great job AND she was very gregarious and fun to talk to.

Third, they have a friggin party room...and a liquor license!!!  6 spa pedi chairs in a separate room, decorated nicely and curtained off from the rest of the spa, so you can grab some vino, and head over to Nice Nails and Spa with your girls and get pampered and sauced at the same time.  Does it get better than that?!

Seriously, I'm in love."

Carol Ann D - Seattle, WA

"Wonderful nail salon with wonderful technicians.  A-one service and attention.  Very clean and relaxing.  Am looking forward to returning and perhaps scheduling a private party for my friends in their party room."




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