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At Nice Nails and Spa, we strive daily to do our best to make your experience with us unique and unforgettable. In this effort to make your visit special, we invite you to experience our private room. This room was designed specifically to give you and your group of family and friends a private place to enjoy your experience with us to the fullest. This is the best place for you to have a light and relaxing small party. Walk-in groups are warmly welcomed at our place. However, to make it easier for us to give you the best experience, please call a day before your visit so that we can prepare the room with balloons, flowers, and decorations that fit the mood of your party. You are welcome to bring drinks and food of your choice to your small party. If you would like some light alcohol for your party, please let us know a day before your visit and we will provide you the necessary permits (Note: we will provide permit for free when your total bill above $200). The best part is that all these extra services are completely free!

In order to guarantee your satisfaction and safety, we use plastic liners and protective gloves during our services and change them for new ones for each customer. This effort protects your sensitive skin from nail fungus and other skin diseases that can spread between customers. We are here to provide you the best and most sincere care in a healthy and relaxing atmosphere.




Party Room

For groups of 10 or more, Nice Nail and Spa offers:

1-free Regular Manicure or 1-free Regular Pedicure.

To preserve an appointment please call at

(206) 403-1305


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